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Discover Rare Collections of Museum Quality Art & NFTs

ArtGardens presents exceptional collections of NFTs selected by Art World Professionals. These artist’s works are displayed in museums and at special events worldwide.  Digital items have existed for a long time, but never like this.

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With a sense of aesthetic merit plus verve for the new, you can collect works which are fun, current, and collectible with a high level of artistic accomplishment.

These artist’s works are currently on display in museums worldwide or are part of a museum’s permanent rotating collection.  New works are also launched and presented at special events.

We only showcase works which have gone through our rigorous selection process in order to bring you truly great digital art.  Presenting exceptional collections of NFTs selected by Art World Professionals.  Enter ArtGardens and experience the extraordinary! 




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Enter and browse our marketplace to see digital artwork in NFT form. Find pieces that you will love and appreciate as part of your collection.

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We are here to facilitate your review of important museum quality digitals works. High value digital artworks can be intimidating, we provide tools to assist your recommendations to collectors and to assist connecting with collectors new to the digital NFT space.

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Art Advisory Services

If you don’t have an art advisor or need assistance in digital artwork and NFT space, register below and we can pair you with and art advisor to facilitate the collection process. Art advisors are experienced in navigating this exciting new digital contemporary world. Allow us to introduce you one of Art Gardens associated art advisors

Art Advisory Services


The real yacht art party for serious Collectors and their Advisors

Two weeks following Art Basel Miami art collectors gather aboard a luxury motor yacht to see what’s new and upcoming in the digital art NFT world.  The yacht is outfitted with framed physical art on the upper deck while the lower decks are outfitted as an NFT gallery allowing the viewing of art in a luxury living room setting.

Over 7,000 Attendees
For the concert series

Over 600 VIP registrations
At the yacht party

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Beatles on the Beach

December 15, 2022


Deutsch Museum Lausanne, Switzerland

May 15, 2023

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December 15, 2022
May 15, 2022
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Richard Avedon is an American photographer, most commonly recognized for his work in the world of fashion with his iconic minimalist portrait. Avedon first emerged into his passion for what would later become a signature photographic style when he began working with identification photos for the Merchant Marines. Later expanding into fashion,

with a style departing from the norm, his shoots with Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue conveying motionless fashion photography.  Commonly acknowledged as one of the most prolific photographers of the 20th century, Avedon expanded the genre of photography becoming a cultural icon and inspiring Hollywood through the 1957 Classic film Funny Face.


@Richard Avedon



Born in Geneve (1957), graduating with honors after having received two scholarships from Fuji, Thomas began as an advertising photographer in the US at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Sata Barbara. Thomas first created a series of digital works 

Extracted from architectural structures and graffiti between 2000 and 2002. Most recently, Thomas has expressed his artistic visions immersing viewers through the worlds thriving within the Amazonian Forest.


@Thomas Pizer

Digital Artist


An influential collaboration from the late 1960s between Michael English, British graphic designer and musician, Nigel Weymouth, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, produced two underground avant-garde albums with accompanying psychedelic posts. 

Unlike their contemporary peers of the time and rarely seen on advertising posters, Hapshash frequently used expensive metal inks; introducing a new screen-printing technique allowing them to graduate from one colour to another within a single separation.


@Hapshash and the Coloured Coat

Graphic Designer


Born in Argentina, Ezequiel Pini is an award-winning digital artist. Highly contemporary works transport you to imaginary worlds, in a sense it is 1960's surrealism teleported to modern times.

He is known for his futuristic imaginary spaces, use of color and reflections occasionally spiced with humor.  The calm, emotionally satisfying images created at his studio with cutting edge technology often lead to intellectually stimulating conversations about reality
and imagination.


@Ezequiel Pini

Digital Artist

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